Gentian Diagnostics

Established in 2001 as a subsidiary of Salix, Gentian Diagnostics is now traded on Oslo Stock Exchange. (Ticker: Gent-ME)

Marine Debris

Salix collaborates with the Norwegian Enironment Agency in the B├ątholmen Marine Debris Project. Starting in 2016, the Norwegian authorities has funded the project since 2017.

DoubleUp ShareSocket

DoubleUp ShareSocket is a cost effective way of sharing a limited power source.


WinterSun can save solar energy collected in the summers for the cold period, without the need of batteries.

"Everyone can identify a problem.
The victor is he who identifies the solution."

Real Estate

Extraordinary properties and spectacular opportunities.

Sustainable development

Conservatory Dwelling is a revolutionary way of eco-friendly living. Salix is planning a full-scale testing facility in Moss, Norway.

Marine Debris

Marine debris will be the next generation's biggest problems. Salix contributes to the solution.